In order to register for a Mainline exam, you will need to create a profile on the ServiceNow Webassessor site. Webassessor is a certification management tool that will help you register for the exam, track certification statuses, and take proctored exams online. 

I recommend that you create a profile with the same mail id as I mentioned in the previous blog as this will not change as you continue throughout your career. 

Webassessor ServiceNow
Webassessor ServiceNow

Follow the below steps to register for a Mainline Exam in Webassessor

Step 1: Once you login to Webassessor, navigate to the REGISTER FOR AN EXAM tab.

Webassessor ServiceNow
Webassessor ServiceNow

Step 2: Select Mainline Exams Including Retakes.

Step 3: Click the + next to the exam you wish to complete.

Step 4: Click Buy Now next to Onsite Proctored or Online proctored (depending on the delivery you wish you to complete)

Onsite Proctored exam: 

  • Completed at a Testing Center part of the Kryterion Testing Network 
  • Choose an available testing center (filter based on your location) 
  • Select date and start time. 
  • If this is your first attempt for the exam, apply the voucher code you would have received from completing training to waive the exam fee upon checkout.

Online Proctored exam: 

  • Exam completed online. Be sure you meet Kryterion’s online proctoring requirements should you choose this option.
  • Select time zone, date, and start time
  • If this is your first attempt for the exam, apply the voucher code you would have received from completing training to waive the exam fee upon checkout.

Exam start time will be stated in the 24-hour clock form on all confirmation and reminder communication

Important FAQ About Mainline Certification:

1. What if I fail my initial attempt at a Mainline exam? 

Don’t get discouraged! Sometimes it takes a couple of attempts. If you do not pass your first attempt, you can directly pay $150 USD for a retake attempt through the Webassessor site for up to three more attempts. If you fail your fourth attempt, you will need to revisit the training course to help you prepare and receive another voucher. 

There will be a 3-day waiting period after the first attempt and a 14-day waiting period after the second and third attempts to ensure you have the proper time to prepare.

2. When does a voucher obtained from training expire? 

Vouchers for Mainline exams are good for approximately one year, although I  very much recommend that you attempt the certification exam sooner, while the material is fresh in your memory.

3. What if I need to reschedule my Mainline exam?

 It is the candidate’s responsibility to reschedule a certification if deemed necessary through the My Assessments tab in Webassessor. The situations below state ServiceNow policy for rescheduling an exam.

  • No Shows and Cancellations: A candidate may reschedule their exam if it is more than 72 hours in advance. If it is less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled start time, the candidate must either take the exam, or forfeit their registration fee. A seating fee and a client fee (if applicable) will be assessed as per contractual agreement.
  • Rescheduling Options for Exams: Because exams are administered over several days, candidates will continue to have the option to reschedule their test appointment without penalty within the same testing window provided the request is made 72 hours prior to their scheduled appointment, and there is a seat available in which to take the exam. Candidates can reschedule an exam through Webassessor by selecting the ‘details’ of an upcoming exam and then selecting the ‘reschedule’ option.
  • Emergency Situation: Unforeseen emergencies (death in the family, family, or health emergency) may occur that directly influence a candidate’s ability to take an exam on the appointment day. We will consider these situations on a case-by-case basis. Please contact and provide complete information about the emergency, appropriate documentation, contact information, which exam was scheduled and the appointment time, and when you can reschedule

4. What happens if I miss my first attempt at an exam completely? How can I obtain a new voucher code? 

Please contact stating that you have missed your exam and are in need of a new voucher code. To ensure that your request is processed as quickly as possible, please write in the subject line “Missed Exam – Need a New Voucher”. You will be sent instructions on how you can purchase a replacement voucher code for your first attempt at an exam. Note: if you miss your second, third or fourth attempt, you will simply pay the exam fee to reschedule your exam.

5. What happens if I accidentally sign up for an online proctored Mainline exam instead of an onsite proctored Mainline exam? Can I cancel my exam and use my voucher code again?

To change the delivery mode of a scheduled exam, the candidate needs to cancel the scheduled online (or onsite) proctored exam and use the original issued voucher code to register for the same exam delivered as onsite (or online) proctored. Depending on when you scheduled your exam, there could be a Transaction Fee as agreed by the contract as stated above.

6. Do Mainline Certifications expire?

Yes. Since ServiceNow is an ever-evolving cloud-based product, certified individuals will be required to make sure they stay current with the latest and greatest features and functionality in a timely manner. Starting with the London release, each certification will require a short (10 questions or less), non-proctored Delta exam.

 What are Delta exams?

The Delta exams will be released within 15 days after the general availability date for the product release. Participants in the program will then have 90 days from the release of the Delta exam to successfully pass it to keep their credentials current and active. 

If you fail to pass this Delta exam in 90 days, your certification will expire. Delta exams can be taken in the Now Learning portal.

Each certification exam will be updated for each product release. Those who were already certified will only need to take the Delta exam to maintain their certification. 

Orlando Delta
Orlando Delta

Important FAQ About Delta Exam:

1. How do I know if I need to take a Delta exam? 

The easiest way to check is to look at your profile on the ServiceNow Webassessor site under the My Certifications tab. There are status fields there for each of the certification exams with one of the following values:

  • Current: Your certification status is up-to-date with the current release.
  • At-Risk: You are currently certified, but still need to pass the Delta exam for this release or your certification will expire.
  • Expired: Your certification is no longer valid. You must re-take the full exam to regain your certification. You are not eligible to take the Delta exam.
  • Never Attained: You have never passed the Delta exam for this certification.

Note: You do not need to take the Delta exam for the same release during which you passed your main exam.

  • Example A: if you passed your Mainline exam after the New York release (September 19, 2020), you do not need to take the New York Delta exam as you are already current.
  • Example B: If you passed your Mainline exam after the New York release (September 19, 2020), you are required to complete the Orlando Delta exam(s) beginning March 26, 2020. 

2. How do I take a Delta exam? 

If you are already certified, you will be able to register for the Delta exams 15 days after the general availability date for the product release via Now Learning. Since the Delta exams are not proctored, you can choose to take the exam whenever and wherever is convenient for you. All of the questions are sourced from the release notes. Once the exam starts, you will have 30 minutes to complete it. Delta exams will only be available for 90 days once they are released. If not passed in that timeframe then the certification will expire.

3. What if I fail and need to retake a Delta exam? 

You are allowed up to three retakes for a Delta exam. Failing a Delta exam four times will require you to re-complete the required paired training content. There will be a 24-hour waiting period after each failed attempt to ensure you have the proper time to prepare.

4. What happens when my certification expires? 

Once your certification expires, you will need to retake the full, proctored exam for the certification. You can register for the exam for a $300 fee via the Webassessor site. You will not be able to re-acquire your certification by just taking the Delta exam. Don’t let your certifications expire!

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